Friday, March 20, 2015

International Day of Happiness

 Today is the International Day of Happiness!

Woo Hoo!

Read more about it HERE.

It happily coincides with the morning after a date with an uber-hottie I will call Gib. 

Gib is a regular at the Super Popular National Chain Wings establishment that Julz works for. He saw me at the Globetrotters game. His parents had taken them all for a family outing, just like us.

Gib is younger than me by almost five years. divorced with two young boys. He is a former football player for Ole Miss, and is everything that implies. Tall, broad shouldered, athletic, with a megawatt smile, and cool, blue eyes.  He was truly too cute to be real.

We chatted over French fries and naked tenders, while March Madness raged on around us.

He had been a lawyer, just like his father, but didn't really like it.  When he relocated to Birmingham from just outside Jackson (yes, Jackson, again) his college roommate suggested he come work with him, just to get the bills paid He loved it and has been in sales ever since.

His marriage of 14 years broke up a year and a half ago after he and his wife grew apart.  Unlike my friend Jody, it was not an amicable break up.

He was sweet, and polite, and engaging.

I hope our next date is somewhere not so loud

In the meantime

Let's Celebrate HAPPINESS!!

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