Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More Bittersweet Memories

I have lost another childhood friend this week. I could not believe that he had died from a heart attack because he was so young.  He was only 48.

(picture courtesy of another classmate...he signed over his face in mine)

I remember him being in really good shape growing up. He was one of the first guys to really "work out" and develop pecs and abs.  But he wasn't one of those arrogant, "look at my muscles" kind of guys. He was quiet and sort of sheepish, quiet and sometimes shy but I do remember him having a mischievous streak.  He married one of my brother's classmates. I remember thinking that was odd because outside of church, I couldn't think of where they would have met. Together they had three children.

My mother reminded me that he was the about the same age as his dad, when his dad had is first heart attack.

Seems like 48 was really old then.

But now it seems really young.

Please be in prayer for his family: His wife and 3 children. His brother who I didn't even knew existed until a few days ago because he was older.  His sister, who's majorette uniforms I bought when I made the squad. His numerous first cousins, who were also my friends.

Rest in peace friend, you too will be missed

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