Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!  But especially to my wonderful mother!

This is my mom in a very rare phone-call-at-the-table photo. Mother hates for people to talk or text while we are eating. Julz caught this moment at lunch one day. It is a favorite picture of mine.
Everything I learned about being a true lady I learned from my mother. Unfortunately, I did reject some of her sage advice, but she is the voice I ultimately hear in my head that reminds me to do the right thing. She has been my harshest critic, but my biggest supporter. Once I thought she was out to ruin my life, but I now know that she only wanted the best for me.
 I could not imagine not speaking to her every day. 
We celebrated today with lunch at The Fish Market.
I spent last night having dinner with my beautiful girls. The only thing that would have been made it perfect would have been a word from my son.

Our waitress took this picture for us.
Today's sermon was about our duty as parents. The mistake that many parents make today is that they try to be friends with their children. I know that I did. That when we don't discipline our children properly we are doing them a disservice. We hobble their future relationship with God.  
Society today is training our children to NOT relate to others. They are so wrapped up in texting, posting. tweeting,emailing, snapchatting, etc...that they no longer have the skills to have a basic, face to face conversation. Parents today, myself included, are more concerned with being our kids "friends", rather than disciplining them properly and in turn, kids today are more self-centered, arrogant and entitled than ever before. We did this to ourselves.
The devils is a sneaky one. He made us think this was all okay.
This series on relationships has been tough on me. It has pointed out where me and D/H went wrong in our marriage.  We let other things take priority over God. 
But I am getting my priorities in order.
God first, everything else second.
The best advice I can give mothers today is that when one has their priorities in order, everything else falls right into place.
Happy Mother's Day to those to which it applies. That includes my friends and family who are mothers to be. grandmothers,  step-mothers, co-mothers, foster mothers, adoptive mothers, and mothers of "angel" babies.
Love to you all

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