Friday, January 29, 2016

Real Men Cook

One of the great things about dating again is, well let's be honest, eating out!

Everyone knows that I really HATE, I mean H A T E  cooking and,  worse yet, cleaning up after it's done. 

But Lord love a man who can cook.

I  think I mentioned having dinner a few weekends ago at Gun's (high school friend mentioned in this post) . It was pouring rain, yet he braved the elements to grill some pretty yummy chicken.

Last night, he called to invite me to dinner with him and his son again.. Their home is on the way to mine, (only about 10 minutes away) so a slight course correction had me there by six.
 This time it was some pretty tasty burgers topped off with grilled poblano peppers! MMMM!!
Finding out that I have a gluten intolerance (which I had to explain meant no buns for me) meant I got to eat mine on a plate surrounded by yummy vegetables instead. 

He told me that he had taken some culinary courses back during his short time in college, and it had sparked his interest. He has loved to cook ever since,
Gotta love a man who can cook! Sure beats Hamburger Helper!

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