Friday, January 8, 2016


Whew! Finally Friday!

Today's post is a little close distance dedication for a good friend, who has apparently made it his mission lately to make sure that I am staying on the positive side.  Since reconnecting, his texts and phone calls keep me smiling. 

Back in the day,  I remember he was always a sweet guy who had no trouble coaxing a smile or laugh out of me, and he always dressed like a rock star.  But in the 80's, who didn't ?  In my mind's eye, he will forever be the kid with spiked hair and parachute pants. I was the Senior and he was one of the underclassmen that I "allowed" to hang out with me and my BFF and partner in crime.  I think it was because I was willing to drive them around. When he was finally driving age, his parents had purchased a 1970's era Trans Am, that he drove throughout high school before finally selling it. He was telling me just the other night that he thinks that he has found it again, and is in negotiations with its current owner to obtain it. Despite needing a little love, it still runs. I hope he gets it. Wouldn't that be cool?

For some reason, he was nicknamed after this song.  Not sure I want to hazard a guess as to why, but it's still a really cool song. 

"Love Gun"  KISS from the album of the same name (Casablanca Records 1977)
Rockin' way to end the week.

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