Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seize The Day....

For Christmas one year, my mother and her husband bought my husband and I footballs.

Not just any footballs: CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALLS

They've pretty much sat in their boxes because we really have no where suitable to display them.

My husband's is signed by none other than now-defunct head football coach Gene Chizik.

But mine is signed by 1971 Heisman Trophy Winner Patrick Joseph Sullivan. Of Auburn.  He is one of three Heisman Trophy winners from Auburn. The others are Vincent Edward "BO" Jackson (1985) and Cameron Jarrell "Cam" Newton (2010).

 Here's a little factoid: The Heisman Trophy is named for John Heisman. He was once a football coach for, guess who, that's right... Auburn.  I'll let that sink in a minute.

Apparently Pat Sullivan and the Chief go way back. He just happened to coach football at Sanford University, at the same time the Chief was over security. He was more than happy to sign a football for the Chief and I was more than happy to recieve it.

In fact, I was thrilled.  I will be leaving this ball to my grandchildren in my will.

Darling Hubby was less impresed with my footbal than with his. I didn't care.  Gene Chizik might never be the head coach at Auburn again, but Pat Sullivan would ALWAYS be the 1971 Heisman Trophy winner.

(Turns out, I was right.)

After we got home from our Christmas festivities that year, I looked at my football.  "How cool would it be if I could get the OTHER TWO Heisman Trophy winners to sign this football." I had quipped.

I knew that I could drive to Charlotte, where Cam Newton currently plays for the Carolina Panthers, and get him to sign it there, but where would I ever meet Bo Jackson? He lives in like, Chicago. I could have tracked him down on his "Bo Bikes Bama" tour back in 2012, but that was highly unlikely.


Now, I have to attend a fund raiser to do it, and probably fork over money,  but this is my chance!  Not only do I know where HE will be, I will be in a room with Bo Jackson! I'm beside myself with the possibility that I might just fulfill my dream to have my football signed by all three winners.

Buying my Sharpie on the way home....

Seize The Day people!


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