Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

This is another one of my fun, funky favorites

I bought the blouse from the Metro catalog because it looked so sharp on the model. Don't we always do that? Usually for me, that ends in disaster, but not this time.

I can pair it with my good ole standby black slacks, or with these nice grey ones. I think this summer, I may pair it with my white pants from the thrift store to change things up a bit.

I'm wearing my faithful black flats that I bought from Walmart for just $9. I have gotten my $9 worth of wear out of them the first year and now I'm just skating on borrowed time. I tripped in the lobby this morning and seperated the sole from the toe, so I'm thinking it's time to send them to that shoe-shop in the sky.

Jewelry from Premier...a gift from the boss. She's really the best!

Sorry about the security badge. I'm so used to wearing it on my nifty Brighton badge holder, that it's  sort of like wearing another necklace. It's really sturdy, but comfortable and I forget I have it on.  I wore it to my classmate's dinner last week and was halfway through dinner when I realized I was still wearing it.


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