Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all

So it's Valentine's Day y'all. The day that everyone suddenly loves each other.

I've been playing it cool this year
In my first marriage I spent this holiday pretty much unappreciated. The cheap bastard wouldn't even get me a card.  I guess I could mention that one year he brought me a heart-shapped box of candy....two days after the fact, from the clearance basket at Walmart.
Darling Hubby, on the other hand, never misses the opportunity.
This year I got this lovely bouquet. They called me to the lobby at 8:05 a.m. sharp.
Nothing like being the FIRST one in the building to get my goodies!
 I texted him a picture and a "thank you"
I get the message back "You are show me the BEAR, BALLOON AND CANDY"
I responded, "there was only this"
to which he responded
"I'll call you right back"
to be followed by
so much for a suprise
Ten minutes later, they call me to the lobby again.
The delivery guy was apologizing profusely.
The balloon, bear and candy, with the tag clearly marked "2 of 2" had gotten lost in the overstuffed delivery van. He found it about the same time he got the call.
I texted the updated picture to Darling Hubby

"Now that is more like it" was the response.
While I always get little goodies for my family, and  I usually get candy for my work peeps (see heart-shaped box in first picture)  I'd never really branched out and given anything to anyone else.
This year, a dear friend was facing this holiday for the very first time, without the love of her life.
He had been killed in an accident, just the week before my brother's accident.
It had been very shocking and her FB posts since have been filled with her sorrow and grief, as she pours out the emotions hemoraging from her broken heart.
My own heart broke for her, all the while wishing there was something more I could do.
She had lamented, a few weeks back, how much she had dreaded this holiday coming. In the past, her beloved had always made sure she got all the trappings. He was a true romantic at heart.
"I will never get roses again"
she had posted on her FB page.
I had never thought about  what it would be like for the goodies to stop.
I vowed that day that  I would do something.
While I could not afford to send her the roses that she was so accustomed, I came across these chocolate roses at a local store. I bought the last five that they had on the display.
 A few aisles over, the little pastel lion caught my eye.
The card was perfect, featurning a coffee cup with a heart on it, surrounded by chocolates.
The verse inside mentioned that one hoped this holiday was filled with love, JOY and a little bit of chocolate.
This collection of items sat in my desk for nearly 2 weeks.
On Tuesday, I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to go ahead and send it.
So I boxed it all up

and I shipped it UPS.
It arrived a day early.
I can not tell you how much JOY this simple gift brought my friend, and though it was not really expensive, the reaction was PRICELESS.
Never underestimate the power of a small gesture.
You might just make someone's day.

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