Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weekly What I Wore: Funeral Edition

This week's Weekly What I Wore I am calling "The Funeral Editon" because I'm going to a funeral today. 

The mother of a friend from my old neighborhood  had passed away on Monday and the service is today.

Mrs. Isbell was always warm and welcoming. Her oldest child went to school with my mother. Her youngest child was my first love. Her house was always filled with friends and she would always cook a little extra because she never knew who may be coming to dinner.  I have many fond memories of her.

I had worn my "funeral dress," a simple black crepe sheath dress from Kasper, on Tuesday in anticipation of  attending visitation that night, but plans later changed.

This dress, that I purchased from Dress Barn, I consider more of a Winter dress because of the thicker jersey fabric. The diagonal stripes, in varying shades of gray and black, whittled my wide waistline and gave the illusion of shape.

While it was comfortable to wear at work all day, it was a little thicker than I would have wanted to wear in an Alabama August. But it was a black dress, and it was clean, so it fulfilled my rules for "proper funeral attire" that it was both dark and respectable.

And Mrs. Isbell deserved my best.

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