Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekly What I Wore

Okay, so this posting before Wednesday is working out really great! I seem to be getting in on the Weekly What I Wore (formerly known as What I Wore Wednesday)  earlier and earlier.

Today, I wore this great black skirt from the Kasper outlet at my local outlet mall. I found it in a bag, tags still attached. The  receipt included says that I purchased it in December and that it had been marked down 40%.  My Chadwick's of Boston motled tank,  Jones New York sweater and my second pair of "MOST EXPENSIVE SHOES EVER."

I also realized today that I did not tell the story of  my MOST EXPENSIVE SHOES EVER, so I decided to tell it here.

A little over a year ago, wandering around said outlet mall and decided on a whim to go into the Nine West shop.  I usually try to avoid shoe stores because of the obvious problem with my feet.  I breezed through but a large "SIZE 11" sticker on the end of a box near the door stopped me in my tracks.  THEY HAVE MY SIZE!!!  I couldn't believe it!

But the price sticker right under that beautiful,  little round size sticker made me realize, they may have shoes in my size, but I will never be able to afford them.

Dejected, I started to walk out, then the ever helpful sales staff told me that there was a sale on and the price marked was not necessarily the price I would pay.  Hope renewed, I started looking at shoes that came in my size.

THE MOST EXPENSIVE SHOES EVER were tan slingback platforms, with a stacked wooden heel. They felt like butter. They blended seamlessly into my legs.   Sale Price:$65

The only time I felt love like this, well pretty darn close to this, was when my daughter was born. I had to have them. But $65.  My entire shoe wardrobe probably didn't cost that much. I paced back in forth by the window, trying to talk myself out of them. 

A dear friend, Janine, worked in the shop next door. I had just "visited" her, so I knew I could go to her for advice. 

"You never buy anything for yourself! Buy them!" she cajoled. 

"I know, but the moment I buy them, I'm going to find out that there is some medical bill I haven't paid, or the lights are about to be cut off or something."

Even the shop manager, a large fellow that could have been an "alternative lifestyler" got into the sale. "They are comfortable, they are cute, they are leather, they go with anything, them!"

So I worked up the courage, walked next door, and plunked down my d e b i t card.

I immediately felt guilty. Whenever I spend a lot of money on something, it always comes back to bite me in the behind. There is always some new bill, or hidden school fee, or last minute field trip or something that rears it's ugly head right after I make a big purchse.

I carried my new shoes home, but wouldn't wear them for weeks.  I couldn't even enjoy them. They sat at the end of my bed for close to a month.

Finally, I did wear them, but only out of necessity.  (Have you ever lost just one shoe in the bottom of your closet? )

I got lots of compliments on them, but I quantified every compliment with "Well, they should. They are the MOST EXPENSIVE SHOES EVER."

Fast forward to April of this year.

After an off-site meeting, my boss and I found ourselves with a little time to kill. Enter the mall.  Because it is a store that I frequently go in, drool over shoes I can't afford then leave, I insisted that we stop in.  I showed her the other versions of THE MOST EXPENSIVE SHOE EVER in black and black mock croc. My boss was trying on another pair from down the way.

The saleslady sidled up behind us, "you know that we are having a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale."  The boss and I looked at each other. Then the saleslady said something that made my whole shoe shopping experience different. "You could combine your purchse, split the difference, and save. AND we can do it on two credit cards, so you each get a reciept"


We each got a great pair of shoes at an even better price!


I hope to stumble upon that deal again!


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