Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween!

I guess because it gives me one day where I can be someone else! The sky is the limit!

Today, I am Miss know...the one who played the red cup for her talent this year?
At the last minute I had to change shirts because the one I couldn't figure out how to put on the one I bought last week that had a similar feel to this one. It was a "twist" style shirt and got untwisted when I took it out of the bag. Even the girls at the store couldn't figure it out.
So here I am in a plain blue shirt

I didn't have time this morning to fool with "pageant makeup" (read: false eyelashes) so I just did my everyday instead. I hate flourescent lighting...always makes me look so tired.

My department alwasy goes all out. Here are some of the guys and ghouls around the office today.

One of these girls is pregnant, can you guess which one?

 Happy Halloween y'all!

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