Thursday, October 23, 2014

Two Down....More to Come!

Last night was my second official date with BFD.  I am really starting to like this guy. 

We discussed the menu items. He, having listened during previous conversations and retained such knowledge, pointed me in the direction of the items on the menu that were gluten free.  When the waitress came around, he ordered for me, even remembering to mention skipping the croutons on my salad...something I ALWAYS forget to do myself.  And when it was all over, he PAID for everything.

What  a switch!

THIS is how one treats a lady.

I guess that I should have mentioned that I am allergic to blue cheese. I was so impressed that a man was actually thinking of someone other than himself, I didn't bother to read what was included on the salad that he had suggested to me. When the loaded-to-the-hilt salad arrived at our table, along with the berry vinegrette dressing that I love (and, as luck would have it,  he does too) I couldn't help but dig right in. It was in my very first bite.  It is very hard to be beautiful and dainty when one is choking on a mouthful of nasty, moldy, blue cheese.

As I went to the ladies room to throw up, BFD ordered me another salad. 

Conversation was easy as we talked about work, our children, our stubborn, 90 year old grandmothers who both still drive, and crazy Islamics.  Before we realized it, the restaurant was closing up!

Yeah, there is definately going to be a date #3.

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