Monday, October 6, 2014

The Jinx is OVER!

My weekend started with  phone call about 2 weeks ago.  The Divine Lady K called and asked me if I wanted to join her a weekend trip to The Loveliest Village on the Plains for a little match-up with
It would also be her birthday weekend.  
I responded with a resounding YES before I ever gave thought to "The Jinx" 
I had been living under the ominous shadow of "The Jinx" for nearly twenty years. I have not been able to watch my beloved Auburn Tigers play live in all that time.  Every time I would attempt to watch, heck, even be in the same room with it on tv, something bad would happen. I had earned quite the reputation for this weird little phenomeon  and initially, people were very skeptical.Case in point. I watched every down of the first half of the 2010 Iron Bowl, affectionaly known in Tigerdom as
"The Camback"
Bama led 24 to nothing. I volunteer for the beer run to Walmart and BAM we score two touchdowns back to back
 I had proven it time and again, making believers out of friends and family. For years, people have called me to make sure that I WASN'T watching a game. . Guess who watched the final two minutes of the 2014 BCS Championship game, where Auburn lost in the final seconds? Yeah, me.  I can't make this stuff up.
As they say in sports superstision circles, "It's only crazy if it doesn't work"
I was so excited to be attending the first major Auburn game of the season, I never once gave "The Jinx" a second thought.  I excitedly told my dad and Dooder when they helped me with my new couch.  "Oh No" Dooder had said, "if the jinx is so powerful, it works while you are watching t.v. what is it going to do when you are actually in the stadium?!"
What indeed?
I guess at this point I need to bring up BFD.
I met BFD, (don't laugh) on line. He works for a large bank here in the Southeast. He has a Bachelor's in Business Management. He enjoys scuba diving, bammer football, and riding 4 wheelers.
And he is 6 foot 8.
Yep... Big Freakin' Dude.
BFD and I went on our first actual date on the Monday before this trip. He was sweet, and funny and every bit as tall as he said he was. He had a car accident on the way to meet me, so he had to climb out of his truck from the passenger side. Funny .
As me and K made our way to Auburn, he texted me, cracking jokes, and keeping us in stitches. A true bammer, never missing a chance to poke fun at us, Auburn fans.
It was about 10 o'clock when we arrived in Auburn.
K had booked us a hotel room, the very last one in Aurburn.  Below is our tiny little hotel room at the Microtel Inn. My last hospital room was bigger. Yes, that is a cot over the air conditioner. Obviously they are used to folks coming in for games and are trying to maximize the exerperience. When K opened the door, the smell of cigarette smoke, mixed with vomit and AquaVelva wafted out. It smelled like someone had just hosted a bachelor party in there. Obviously the hotel staff knew it too, as the windows were already open.
We had to have fun with the mirror wall behind the bed. Kinda hard to do between texts.


 Despite the lingering smell, we settled down for the night and fell asleep. Being an early riser, I woke at my usual time (4:30 a.m.) and started looking for stuff on t,v,  Around 6:30 or so, the hotel put out it's contenental breakfast. Though I can't eat them, the waffles smelled so good it was very hard to resist.  As a matter of fact there was very little I could eat on the bar. They did, however, have a large bowl of boiled eggs and heaping pan of BACON!  Breakfast is served!!
It was also comforting to see an old friend.
K was awake and we started planning our day.
Yeah, still texting BFD while K takes selfies.
This person seems a little confused.  Note the bammer license plate.
We drove into town, still deciding where to start. People tailgating all along the route. We passed several lots offering parking for $40 and $50 for the day. K decided that Tiger Ragz should be our first spot. It is one street over from the action. As we made the turn we passed this church with a sign that advertised parking for....get this....just $25!! It was right next to Tiger Ragz. We could park all day and we were practically across from Sanford Hall!  The money went to fund a missions project.  We happily paid our money and followed the kid down to the end of the parking lot, where he parked us under the pavillion.
 Rock Star Parking
We walked around the rest of the day, waiting for the game, and passed the time by shopping and taking selfies.  I had to have all the "classic" Auburn touristy shots.
Such as ...
On the corner
The mural on the side of Toomer's Drugs

The University sign
We had to get K a jacket, as it was unseasonably chilly and super windy.  She was insistent that we eat lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger. Hey, she was the Birthday Girl, who was I to argue?
Yes, that is a gluten free bun and it was AUsome!
It was really funny to see so many people all in orange and blue in one place
K's new friend, "The Principal" texted her all day. He's a bammer too, just like BFD.
We stopped in a bar to grab some drinks and rest our feet (and our credit cards). The bammer game was on the television. I took a few minutes to update BFD on what we were doing. He was watching the bammer game too. Three gents, all dressed in matching  Auburn shirts,caps, and  khaki's were seated next to us. They were disecting the game. Our drinks came about the same time that poor Drake boy got his ankle broken. OUCH!
Here sits K, sometime later, texting The Principal.


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