Monday, October 27, 2014

I Think I Am Over Facebook

I think that I am over Facebook.

I looked down and didn't post anything this weekend.  It really wasn't that I was too busy or anything. BFD was with his boys, as was W. I did spend part of Saturday at the hospital with Her Highness The Original Drama Queen (details of which I will spare you, dear reader) for her birthday.

DH used to exclaim that he was "bored with Facebook" and delete his profile. This happened several times over the last few years of our marriage. I thought that he was, indeed bored with all the drama, and fakeness. What he was REALLY doing was erasing all record of our relationship. All the posts he had liked, all the pictures he had tagged or was tagged in. all mutual friends. Then about two weeks later, he would create a new Facebook page, devoid of any trace of his marriage. He would then use it to start relationships with women, posing as a single man.  The two times that I accidently stumbled upone his new page, he would claim that he "forgot his password" on the other page and had to create a new one, and being the trusting wife, I always believed that. What a liar.

But I digress.  I am hardly using it for anything more than an online photo album.  All the awesome pics from my trips with the Divine Miss K. The pics of Tigger's first date. Kit-Kat's prom pics. The pics of Julz and her friends.  Photographs and memories.

I think that I will take a break from Facebook. K says that I can deactivate my account with our actually deleting it, so I won't lose anything.

I think I may give that a try for a while.

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