Thursday, December 10, 2015

Great Beginnings!

I had another great date with John!  Trying not to get my hopes up. He has only been divorced for a year. Guys seem to sow their wild oats during the first few years after a divorce.  He knows how I have been hurt and he understands that I have SERIOUS trust issues now. But he gets my quirky sense of humor. We truly enjoy each other's company. We laugh.... A LOT! We like a lot of the same things.  We listen to the same music. He's much taller than me, even when I am in heels. Okay....he's a bammer ( for my out of state friends, in Alabama, there are Auburn fans like me, and then there are ....not...)  but not in that militant, "name-your-kid-Bear" (yes, seriously) kind of way.  I think what I like most about him is that he invented his job. He left one really successful career, to fill in a niche with another.  He has a very strong work ethic, and for that he is successful.

We went out for barbeque and then went bowling. The local bowling alley was taken over by new management and completely remodeled. The only thing that was familiar was the lanes. The game is completely automated so the tables that used to be by the alleys were gone. replaced with cushy sofas. that meandered along the backside of the lanes.  The hardest part for me was having to tell the shoe guy what my shoe size was. I always have to tell them I wear an 11 in women's, that translates to a 9 in men's, because they NEVER have women's size 11 shoes. I shared that I was embarrassed that I had such big feet.  John replied "Oh Yeah?' and loudly asked Shoe Guy for a pair of size FOURTEENS! They were the biggest shoes I had ever seen. I could almost put both feet in one!

I bowled the worst game that I have ever bowled in my entire life, including when I was big pregnant with Julz.  But we laughed and shared strategies. I tried really hard to tone down my fierce competitive streak, but the disappointment with myself was evident on my face. 

When our games were over, we sat in the lounging area of our lane and talked. For an hour.  Then he walked me to my car, and we talked some more.

Really looking forward to seeing him again


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