Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Share His Love

We believe the Christmas story because it is part of our Christian history. We are looking at it from the BIBLICAL view, but few Christians ever stop to consider the WORLDLY view too, which is what Mary was actually dealing with at the time.

When people are down on a young girl who makes a mistake and finds herself pregnant and decides to have the baby, I remind them of Mary's situation. In reality, she was an unwed teenage mother.

When someone talks about how it is sad for the baby, I remind them of the potential that baby may one day have (though not quite as great at Jesus...LOL) Many have heard me say "This baby may cure cancer!" I mean that.

When someone talks against men/women dating someone or marrying someone who already has children, I remind them of Joseph, who could have easily left and chosen someone else, but chose to stay and raise "someone else's" child.

So Christian, before you pass judgment on someone, remember the very same "scandals" that are part of our own history. Jesus himself said "...the greatest among these is LOVE"

Show His LOVE to all and leave judgment to Him.

Deep thoughts as we approach Christmas

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