Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Celebrating Early

My birthday is next week. As you know, Dooder's was last week.
My mother likes to split it down the middle and celebrate the week in between.

Coincidentally, my office celebrates each month's birthday on the 15th (or the closest work-day to it)

This year, both celebrations fell on the same day.

Usually we do it later in the week, but with my nephew Scooter at camp and the girls leaving to be camp counselors at the end of the week,  Monday was the only day we could settle on.

At work, we had banana splits and ice cream sundaes

I still had to buy Kit-Kat a couple of pairs of shorts and her one piece bathing suit for camp. With a little time to kill I went to a local trendy clothing shop and picked up a couple of pairs of really cute cargo shorts.  The bathing suit will have to wait until tonight, but she's left my options open with the statement: "I don't care what it looks like." Oh goody.
Then, at my mother's favorite Mexican restaurant, after dinner we had cupcakes. Usually, I skip the cupcake. But Julz made a special trip to Whole Foods just to bring me a GF cupcake, made with rice flour. It was super sweet.  And I was tickled to be able to celebrate along with everyone else.
I could only eat half of it, and by the time I got home, it was obvious that I had over did it.
I was nauseated and sleepy.
I was struggling to stay awake and keep my shrimp taco down, during my nightly phone call with W.  I had to bid him an early "Goodnight."
This morning I awoke with a splitting headache and I am still somewhat nauseated. My tounge is coated, a symptom of my diabetes that usually signals my sugar is high without having to stab my finger tips.
 If I could throw up, I know I'd feel better.
Today, I will spend drinking water. I brought 2 eggs so I will have a high-protein lunch.
So much for left over ice cream

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