Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just Another Day

Today I am thankful.

I am thankful that despite an industrial accident at my office, that I still have a job to come to today.

I am thankful that despite the nature of the industrial accident, all of my coworkers were unharmed.

I am thankful that today, just 24 short hours later, we are back in business.

God is good!

Yesterday was crazy. Phones rang non-stop, We were handed statement, after official statement. I had the President of the company, and several VP's, in and out of my office all day.

"W" had heard of the accident on the radio driving into work. When he couldn't reach me, he said it made him a little nervous. That was surprising, but it really made me feel good.

I thought about the wrench incident last week (or was that the week before?).  Would anyone call me if he were hurt? Too soon to tell. We are taking things slow. 

It has been a month now since we reconnected. Hard to believe it has only been a month. I guess because we have known each other forever.  It's not so much "getting to know you," as it is catching up. 

We recently shared a laugh over a picture one of his classmates posted of him, with a group of mutual friends, in the parking lot of my high school job. I am still amazed the we didn't meet back then.  His then-blonde hair, in carefully coiffed "wings", hint of a moustache, grinning like the Chesire Cat into the camera. 

Now, his hair is grayer, but still as thick as it was back then. Surprising for a man of 46 to not have some thining spot somewhere on his head. His brother, only a year older, started balding some time ago, and like many others, opted to shave off what was left.  I guess W got the good genes. He obviously passed them on to his children, both stocky and strong.

He is taller than me. It has been a very long time since I had to stand on tippy-toes to kiss someone.  Once an athlete, his walk denotes a hint of a limp, from the wear and tear on his knees. He jokes about "never missing a meal," patting his stomach while he does so, but something about his size is reassuring, making me feel safe and secure. He reminds me often of how his unmedicated blood pressure is perfect. I remind him that we should all be so lucky.

He is patient and understanding. He knows what I have been through. He overlooks my inability to fully trust him, but never brings it up. He just gives me "that look" when I question something, that tells me, the one that says I should know better.

A manager himself,  he is easy to talk "business" with, bounce ideas off of, get advice. I never realized how important it was to be on equal footing, career-wise, or how beneficial it could be. When I would try to express how I felt about problems with my job, D/H, content just to be a laborer, had no common ground to relate. It was still "manager to employee."  W, on the other hand, worked his way through the ranks to manager, and understands both perspectives.

But as a manager, he understands that he doesn't leave untl the job is done, regardless of if it is long past "quitting time."  He texted me from his job site about 7:00 pm: "Still in (City)"  It might as well say "I won't see you tonight." 

It was just as well.  I had needed the evening to decompress.  I drank a Bloody Mary and settled down with the cats, to watch t.v. Since getting the digital antenna, viewing has been much more enjoyable. Still havent felt the need to spring for sattelite, but W keeps making hints about what I will do when football season starts.

It gave me time to reflect on how simple my life was now and how grateful I was for it.
The bills are paid, I am fed, I have a roof over my head, and I have a nice job to go to every day.

Life is good.

En-JOY it.

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