Friday, August 29, 2014

Nothing To Do

Well Summer is officially over. I am very glad that the Labor Day Weekend is here.  This has been a really rough week and I may just sleep until Tuesday.

I have really not done anything at all this summer, and nothing water related. No pool parties, no weekends on the lake, no trips to the beach. I have had a few friends invite me to their pools, but something always came up at the last minute. I have a brand new bikini (that I can finally fit into and look decent in) that still has the tags on it.

W has been working on all his "free" weekends.  We have settled into a really great friendship. We can talk about anything and I appreciate the opportunity to bounce things off of him and get his unabashed, honest opinon. He told me not too long ago that he could tell me anything and he didn't mind being brutally honest with me, something he could not do with other women. We both have some "issues" between us (having been cheated on by the one person that we swore our eternal devotion to, being the first and most prevelent) that make having any other sort of relationship nearly impossible.

LG is still on the school project, though he did offer to come pick me up and take me along for a seminar he was attending in Atlanta. But he was coming through on a Thursday and because of our staffing situation, I really couldn't take off.  LG would be the perfect match, but there is that whole living 4 hours away thing that makes dating really difficult.

After the disasterous date with  The Tech Guy, I am really kinda glad I am not seeing anyone more than I do. So exhausting.

Now for the main male in my life: Zipper. After a week of wheezing and lethargy, an expensive x-ray or two has determined that he has COPD. Just like my dad.  He was also severely dehydrated. They put in an i.v. and set him up in an oxygen cage. At last report, he was doing much better and was starting to perk up. So after an expensive few days at the vet, I will bring him home this evening. COPD is very common in elderly cats. The doc said that his airway is very scarred, so he has had it for some time.  He also said that cats tend to "fake it" very well, until they can't fake it any more. That is most likely how he was so suddenly and dramatically symptomatic.  He said that if we can get him over this hump, that he could live just a few more months or very well could live a few more years. He told me that his is still very much a viable animal, and that he would not let me go beyond what is best for Zipper. Thank goodness! After all I have been through this year, I don't think I could stand losing Zipper too.

Yesterday was Scooter's birthday. It is hard to believe that he is 12. He is such a little comedian and I love how his mind works. Mother is always sharing something funny that he has said.

Speaking of Mother, her birthday is this weekend. The Chief swept her off to some secret surprise trip along the Gulf Coast this week. They had a great time.

Apparently I was not invited to the Jolie/Pitt nuptuals this past weekend, but I understand that neither was her father. I am a little sad that Brad is now off the market. Isn't that always the way? Once you become single, all the interesting, good looking guys get married.

Well, anyway I look forward to a long, quiet, weekend, but I am NOT going to turn down an invite to someone's pool....hint, hint.

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