Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Super Busy

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I have been super busy!

Some things going on in my world:

The Boss is back at work for half days this week. Yea!!!

The body found up the street from the office, was a gentleman who apparently lost control of his bike, fell off and hit his head and died of head trauma.  The police suspect no foul play.

A Coke bottle, bearing my son's name in the cooler at Wallyworld, caught my attention. I really miss him. Speaking with his sisters, they miss him too. He is not responding to anyone's text. That is very uncharacteristic for him. We know there are dark influences there. I am praying diligently that he can break free from it.  I pray that he does not inherit the dishonesty, mistrust, faithlessness, and negativity he has been surrounded by since he has moved. Precious Father, please surround my boy with a hedge of protection that no evil will penetrate. Amen.

Things with W are moving right along. But proving that I wasn't going to to tie myself down, accpeting a dinner invitation from a friend, lit a fire under him. After radio silence for the past few weeks, he has started calling again with renewed vigor. He admitted that he missed me. It's nice, because I really kinda missed talking to him too. I would catch myself thinking "Oh, I've gotta tell W about this..." or "I bet W would get a kick out of that..."  He says that he did the same thing.

If anything, that "date" proved to me that while I chose to be alone, I am not actually lonely.  I really like my life right now, and don't really need anyone to make me "complete." I am weeding out the drama-mongers. Ain't nobody got time for that! I let those into my life who I enjoy being around. And I am not so desperate that I would glom onto the first person that came along. I happen to be looking for a decent, honest, faithful, quality companion.

Cotton is currently in the hospital with an infection. Major IV antibiotics on board. Kit-Kat is severly stressed from the whole situation,  and was nearly unconsolable. Julz and I did get her to eat something last night and I hope she got some rest last night.

Speaking of the girls, both are enrolled in college. I am excited for them, and very proud that they are so independent.  Both are working steadily, and managing to keep rent and bills up to date. I am glad that they learned from the mistakes they witnessed growing up.  Currently trying to figure out the car situation. I signed her car, currently dead in my drive way, over to her so that she can sell it for parts. Praying dilligently for that.

My toes seemed to be almost healed, I am going without taping them and wearing my Ace sock. I still have a bruise on the sole of my foot and it huts if I step just right, but I am back in regular shoes. I still can't curl any of my toes, despite my best efforts.  I guess writing with my toes has become a thing of the past.  Oh Well.

 I am really looking forward to football season and now I may actually get to watch some games! I refuse to acknowledge the "jinx" that someone convinced me that I was under,  that would affect my Tigers when I watched. I am thinking positive thoughts!

Lastly, since I have chosen to be happy.....I AM!!! I am focusing on the positive and the Lord is allowing positive things to start happening.  How refreshing!  Isn't there real power in positive thinking?! When I no longer chose to focus on the negative, positive things started happeneing. When I started thinking about how lucky I was, my "luck" improved!  When I focused on the good things, more good things came my way!!

In closing, I remind you to be observant of the good things happening around you, be happy for your friends and family, pay kind deeds forward, share a smile with a stranger, encourage someone today, focus on what you have rather than what you lack, give thanks to the Lord for the blessings He has bestowed on you and witness the added blessings He will pour over your life.

It works...I promise you!


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