Monday, August 11, 2014

If Looks Could Kill

Today I just have to speak on the horrific accident involving Kevin Ward Jr. and Tony Stewart over the weekend.

But first a little background: I not only grew up practically in the shadow of  the  Talledega Superspeedway, I still live there today. Five minutes up the road is the prestigious Barber Motorsports complex, where everything from motorcycles to  Indy cars race.  Both my brother and father raced stockcars at the now demolished Birmingham International Raceway.. My daddy drag raced at the Lassiter Mountain Dragway. My brother also has experience racing just about anything with wheels, under a variety of conditions.

Though I don't really follow it, I do know a thing or two about racing.

After watching the only video currently available on the incident, I clearly see who is at fault.
The driver who, ignored safety precautions, climbed out of his car, and walked into race traffic.

Anger is a dangerous emotion and Kevin Ward Jr. apparently let his get the better of him. His attempt to "get back at" one of the other drivers, led him to ignore common sense and ultimately cost him his life.

I keep reading on social network that "Tony Stewart needs to be charged with murder" but ask yourself: Would this had been any less tragic had it involved another driver?

No. I think not.

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