Friday, August 8, 2014


Thank Goodness It's Friday!!!

( I know, not the exact quote, but I try not to take the Lord's name in vain, even when it's positive)

What a rough week! I am so glad that it is over.

I have turned over a new leaf in the past few months:
No bickering, no ya-ya-ing, no gossiping, no histrionics, no games. ZERO Drama. Surprisingly, I am really happy now. And relieved to be far removed from all the foul-mouthed, second grade, finger pointing, crap-stiring antics. Grown adults that perpetuate these situations, really should be ashamed of themselves.

The call from The Ultimate Drama Queen (a.k.a. my grandmother) last weekend, convinced me that I do not want to grow up to be her.

I do not see how someone-who-shall-remain nameless---(read: D/H) managed to stir up so much drama the whole time we were together. There was always something that he was in the middle of, and if he wasn't, he would somehow manage to get drawn in.  It was almost like it was his life-blood: without some sort of constant drama, he would die or something. There was a steady stream of crap, that he could get me all worked up over, for the past 17 years. Now, it seems as if it was all invented or over-inflated just to draw me in too! But I admit, that we were never closer than all the times when we were "slaying dragons" together.  But when all the dragons are gone, that just leaves two people with nothing in common any more.

I was amazed at how simple my life became since he has been gone. The drama all but disappeared. It is so much healthier now, and I like it.


The temperature fluctuations have my sinuses all messed up. I am taking meds and they are making me groggy. I nearly overslept this morning for the 3rd morning in a row.

Cotton is out of the hospital. Thank you for all who prayed.

I watched "The Other Woman" last night. I highly recommend it. It is all about the other woman finding out that her man is married, befriending the wife, and eventually the other woman that he is cheating on them both with, and enacting sweet revenge.  Classic.

Speaking of last night....

When I turned on my tv, it was set on the channel that "So You Think You Can Dance." The opening number was a colorful, frenetic number set to THIS song.  I woke up singing the chorus (cause really, that was all I caught) Darn those hip hop hooks. They get you every time.


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