Monday, February 16, 2015

Taking This One Off My Bucket List

I told you back in, what, 2008 maybe, that I was developing a Bucket List.  I also mentioned that it would be an evolving list.

Well, here is one item that I will be removing.

Running With The Bulls

It seems that a 20 year old Georgia college student has made international news after being gored by a bull he was running with in Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain.

The pictures (that you can see here)  tell the story, so much more adeptly than I can.  WARNING! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC

As the mother of three 20-somthings now, I can only hope that my own children are either A) smarter or B) more athletically inclined.

Sending up prayers for this young man, as he has a very long road to recovery.


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