Saturday, February 14, 2015

It's Valentine's Day...woo hoo...

Okay, so today was Valentine's Day. Woo Hoo

As several of my other single friends have pointed out, today is also Single Awareness Day, because nothing shines a spotlight more on being uncoupled than Valentine's Day.

In celebration of Single Awareness Day, I had brunch with my favorite fellow uncoupled male friend W.  I wanted Waffle House, which he thought was funny, but he was game, so we went. I am economically minded and practical, which I am sure that he appreciated.

I had my usual Hashbrowns-All-the-Way while he had an omelet.

We had a great meal, and even better conversation. Every now and then, we just need a good gripe session. Given my profession, I have proved to be a pretty good listener. We have similar points fo view.  He lamented over how stressful his job had suddenly become, and how he was being stretched too thin. He gave me the low down on the new "American Sniper" movie he had seen recently.  Everything was great with the notable exception of the waitress pestering us constantly.

In the interest of pampering my favorite person (ME) on Valentine's Day  got myself some (inexpensive) flowers and a box of chocolates.

And then the mail lady delivered the last of my Valentine gifts to myself, this awesome and descriptive t-shirt.

Hey...I'm a Southern girl, armed and fabulous, judgments okay?
I spent the rest of the day watching my newest cache of DVD's with the main male in my life, JB.  He  lounged happily by my side for the whole day as I watched movies and washed clothes.
All and all, I'd say it was a pretty good holiday.
After all, I spent it with the most important person in my life
~I hope everyone else En JOY ed theirs

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