Friday, February 13, 2015

It's All About That Bass

So I made good on my promise to buy Meghan Trainor's new cd (though not on the day it dropped. ) I wound up making it a Valentine's present to myself. .

It is pretty good and exactly what was expected, A lot of positive, feel goodisms about self-esteem, respect and being worthy of more than a liar and cheat, a few colorful words, some pretty good double entendres, all wrapped up in some catchy doo-wop tunes.

The surprising thing is that all the songs are as good, and equally as catchy as All About That Bass. Ms Trainor's heliumesque rap style mixed with classic doo-wop melodies is a fresh and easy to follow.  And surprisingly each song is different from the  one before it.

A particular favorite is "Dear Future Husband," "Title" and "What if I"

Credits on the label credit Trainor and various other writers.

Definitely a toe-tapper with a solid message.


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