Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's Gotta Get Better From Here...

Today has started out as one of "those days"

I woke up 30 minutes late

I am wearing my last clean pair of underwear, the one where the elastic does not quite remember what it's job is, that I save for those emergencies like forgetting to do whites on Saturday.

I poked myself in the eye with my necklace (don't ask)

I did't have enough time to get gas on the way in

The new "curl enhancing" styling spray has made my hair look like an homage to the Geri Curl, only crunchier.

The kick-off hour of the Rick and Bubba Show had technical difficulties, therefore I was subjected to music.  Now I am depressed in that "there's a tear in my beer" kinda way. That, in and of itself. is enough to throw my whole day out of whack.

I spend ten minutes trying to unlock my office door, only to discover that it was already unlocked to begin with.

And it is only Wednesay of what seems to be the longest week ever.

Really, it's gotta get better from here...

"Mr. Blue Sky" - Electric Light Orchestra 1978
Out of the Blue - Jet Records
(It's one of my favorite "feel good" judgements okay?~)


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