Saturday, October 9, 2010

25TH High School Reunion...Sorta

Tonight is my 25th high school reunion...well, sort of.

There is a reunion tonight, in my 25th year out of high school. It's actually a party of people who graduated from my high school, from all different years.

My actual classmates seem to have a problem reuning. We've only had one "successful" reunion, our 15th. I don't know what made that year different from all the others but we haven't had an actual reunion since. There is a small group of my classmates, about 8 of us, that started getting together once a month for dinner. We really have a blast, and these mini-reunions sparked not only a romance, but a marriage! But when it comes to actual reunions, we kinda glom onto the other classes, (who seem to be having the same problem lately) pool our money and have a multi-class reunion instead.

It's actually more fun to me this way. I had a diverse group of friends, from a wide range of ages. Having been in the band, I spent a great deal of time with people ranging from the class of 1982 all the way up to class of 1988, before I graduated in 1985.

Tonight promises to be great fun! We are having a block party and have blocked off a block near our historic railway depot (which is now an event center). I've got a great new outfit. My darling hubby may be late. The reunion was obviously arranged by the Bama fans because it happens to be right smack in the middle of the Auburn/Kentucky game =( but he promises to be along as soon as he can.

I'll post pics later....
UPDATE 10/13/10

Okay, so this is the only pic so far...That's me in the multicolored tunic and gray leggings shuffling my best "Cupid Shuffle" with my classmates. I really thought I had looked cute with my trendy outfit and kickin' shoes...until I saw this picture. No, I swear, I'm not pregnant.

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