Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Green Eyed Monster

My best friend, partner in crime, voice of reason, currently at the hospital. Awaiting the birth of her first grandchild.

I know what you are thinking...
Yes, she's younger than me.
Yes, all her natural born children are younger than mine.
Yes my son is dating her oldest daughter.
Don't panic...This would be the baby of her newly acquired step-son and his lovely wife.

Okay...I'm admitting it openly, here. I'm jealous.

All of my friends are becoming grandparents! My classmates are, even those I went to school with who are younger than me. They proudly display their photos and share their cutesy grandparent monikers ( "Ya-Ya, Gi-Gi, Ni-Ni, Mi-Mi, La-La" and so on... ) and brag how they spoil these young-uns rotten, then send them home to their parents to deal with.


My daughter, Julz, is older than some of these kids, which makes me feel like I might be behind.
I'm kinda on the fence here. While Julz is the obvious candidate, she's not married, or in a stable relationship (come to think of it, I don't even think she's in a relationship). She's working part-time and going to school, so there no where a baby would fit in at this time.

Okay, I realize that people make it work, but I do want her to be in the best position to have and nurture a child.

But for now, I will just have to admire the grandchildren of others

Green Eyed Monster signing off

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