Monday, October 4, 2010

Really...Do I Know You?

Like nearly everyone else on the planet, I'm a Facebook junkie. But recently, I've been getting all sorts of friend requests. Mostly, old classmates, former teachers, coworkers past and present, and the like.

Going in, I had decided that I would not "friend" people I did not know. I've had to expand on that a little because how I "know" people seems somewhat expansive.

I have friends that I grew up with, friends I went to school with, friends of the friends I went to school with, friends I've worked with, friends of the friends I work with, my pageant friends and so on.

I've made more than a few folks I know upset by not adding them to my "friends." Sorry about that. Now that Facebook is randomly posting wall-to-wall discussions where everyone can see them, there are a few friends I'd rather not have to explain (or apologize for).

But the most confusing are the people, who I don't even remotely know. Not even friends of friends. Just some random request from random people.

I don't know if these people are out to conquer Facebook or even ensure their Six Degrees of Seperation, but it kinda creeps me out that people who don't know me, might want to know me.

First of all, how do they find me?! I have my privacy settings so strict, one could get into a White House state dinner easier...oh, wait...

Well anyway, one would have to be a "friend of a friend" to even find me. My first thought is usually "Really? Do I know you?"

I got a friend request last week from a gentleman who's limited view profile said he was in Egypt and his name began with "Prince." He started his attached personal message with "I think you are very pretty." Nice opening, but I wasn't biting. I responded "Thank you, Happily Married, Three Children, Not Friending anyone I don't ALREADY KNOW" None of this information detered His Highness, who sent me several more sweet messages before I figured out how to block him.

Trust me, That would be a "friendship" that would have eventually turned into, " father the sheik is in need of help and I need to forward 1 gazillion dollars to someone I trust in the United States. Would you be this person?"

No thanks buddy!

So, for the record, I don't feel the need to friend anyone I don't know. Heck, I barely feel the need to friend those that I do know!


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