Friday, October 8, 2010

T. M. I. For the Cause!

"I like it on the bench at the end of the bed, but it usually winds up on the floor"

Okay, before you think OMG...TMI! it's not what you think.

Since last year's "TMI for a cause" ( my term, thank you) Facebook campaign where ladies merely posted the color of their bra became wildly popular breast cancer awareness tool, it looks like they are at it again.

And it's working!

According to an article yesterday (when I had intended on blogging this) on MSNBC, this year's TMI stunt, "Where do you like it?" is causing a buzz. And if you haven't heard about it yet, you soon will.

Now you might ask how "where I like it" leads to breast cancer awareness. It is a simple conversation starter. When your friends ask what you are talking about and why you are sharing such an odd little detail about yourself, you have an opening to discuss breast cancer.

And don't think this is just about women. Men are at risk as well. 1970 cases of breast cancer occur in men and of those cases 390 will die. A man I went to high school died from it just a few years ago. While less likely, Men's breast cancer is more deadly, because many do not seek help when they first notice the symptoms.

Knowlege is power, regardless of how you obtain it.

So, tell us, where do YOU like it?

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