Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Perfect Saturday

I just had a near perfect Saturday.

The sun was bright and despite a chilly start, the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees.

We played our last two Miracle League games for the year.

I did have to play "parking patrol" right when I got there, something I really don't like doing. Because we are a facility for special needs individuals, we have several handicap parking spots. Sometimes, people "ignore" the sign, the blue lines, the large wheelchair logo on the ground and park in front of it. Not "IN" it, mind you, but park in such a way that they block access to the spot. I had a woman, who thought she found a primo spot to park, get very upset with me because she had to move from the paved area she had chosen. I pointed out that the spot she had chosen was not actually a parking place. She had parked at the end of the regular spots, and because there was no line on the driver's side of her car, she saw my point and begrudingly moved. The other, a truck sporting a "thin blue line" tag (yes, that means what you think it means) had parked to her left, obstructing the other two handicap spots at the end of the fence. When I complained to one of our own "men in blue" he vowed to locate the driver and have the vehicle moved. I was only took 30 minutes.

My sweet little Stephanie, a girl who I had promised to buddy as soon as my foot was better but then went off to spend the summer in Florida with her grandparents, came back to play and immediately claimed me as her buddy. She held my hand tightly, the entire time she was there, like I would get away. She only let go of my hand to bat and then, despite assurances from her mother that she didn't like to, we RAN the bases. I got quite a work out.

While we were playing, a boy and his grandmother walked up. It was evident by the white cane that he carried, that he was blind. I asked if they had ever heard of the Miracle League and the grandmother had responded yes, but they "didn't know how it would work for him." I enthuiastically fetched our beeping ball. We offered to let him take a whack at it, which he did, and ran the bases with one of our buddies, laughing all the way. We may have a new player come Spring!

It was Kamiko's birthday. She's 19. We all sang and she had 2 birthday cakes. We couldn't get any of the candles lit, thanks to a nice little breeze. I hugged her mom, and wished her a happy, "giving birth" day, because that's what I do.

After the games, I wandered around the annual Oktoberfest, where there were arts and crafts, food galore, and demonstrations of everything from cheerleading to cage fighting.
I picked up a few Christmas gifts and came home.

Because I am forbidden to watch an Auburn game ( a jinx I will discuss at a later time) I decided that I needed a mani/pedi, and headed off for Jenny & Steve's. I stopped for a coffee, gathered a book I've been ready and settled in to relax. I even sprung for the super-duper callous remover.

I then treated my son to a Chickfila and picked up a double-hash-browns-all-the-way from the local Waffle House. I topped off my meal with some Blue Bell "Southern Hospitality" ice cream.

Then Auburn won their game against Ole Miss.

I do have loved ones, who have both lost a grandparent in the past 24 hours. Both bedridden from their increasing ailments and suffering from dementia. Strong, God-fearing people, who at long last, get to dance through the Pearly Gates, on streets of gold and meet their Savior, who's name they've never forgotten.

Yeah, I've had some great Saturdays, but this one was, well, perfect.

Hope you En-JOY-ed yours too.

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