Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shaping Young Minds

Today at work we hosted the business club of a local high school. They were there to tour the plant and learn about what various people and departments do, and how they all work together. Several department managers spoke and discussed how long they had been with the company, where they went to collegd, what their first jobs were and what they do every day.

One student was very inquisitive and asked lots of questions. That caught all of us off guard because the teacher/sponsor told us they probably would not. She kinda reminded me of Tracy Flick. During the break, this young lady identified herself as the president of the club. I was not surprised.

I spoke about customer service. I think mine might have been the easiest, because when you think of it, most high school student is first jobs are serving the public. I was a little intimidated, despite my public speaking experience, and completely forgot to mention that I would be at my job for 20 years February 2011. Because we are the company's call center, the only question I got was how we handle prank calls.

I think I had bored them but was glad to have plenty of coffee and donuts, which everyone tanked up on at the break. Then

I did try to leave them with some sage advice that I had learned from my grandfather, a grocer. I remember coming across the sign in the basement in my grandparent's home, and though I didn't realize it's importance at the time, it's wisdom has been with me ever since.

The Customer Pays Our Bills

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