Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Had to Share...

Okay, I follow a blog called Ask A Manager and 2 recent posts have me thinking.

One was a link that led to a site featuring a list of company memo's from a now defunct company called Tiger Oil. You will have to read them for yourself. Some don't seem so unusual and some of them are way too funny to be real . I feel sorry for ole "Tiger Mike." I bet if he hadn't spent so much time drafting memos, he might have actually had time to run his company.

The other was today's post (Oct 5,10) about an employee who was not only known to not wash her hands, but actually laughed about it when confronted.

(Pausing a moment to get over the willies)

My feelings on that subject are well documented.

All in all, Ask A Manager's writer Allison Greene, gives good, common sense advice for the business world. I don't always agree with some of it, but I do appreciate and respect her perspective. Check it out and see what you think.


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