Saturday, November 6, 2010

Falling Down

Sorry...I'm falling down on my "blog everyday til the end of the year" promise. But blogging at least every other day is still ambitious, right? Especially when I'm feeling like pooh.

Apparently I'm not the only one facing a stumbling block.This week's latest news revolves around Cam Newton and his recruitment at Auburn. AP is reporting that apparently someone approached Mississippi State for money in exchange for Cam Newton playing there.

First of all, way to go AP...way to kick 'em when they are down. Mississippi State is currently in mourning over the unexpected death of player Nick Bell. Great timing!

Secondly, looks like they still love Cam down on The Plains. An allegation is not proof.

Some are even saying Cam's tainted past should play a part in his chances for the Heisman. One Fox Sports writer isn't shy about his opinion either. The person he might once have been is not the leader he has become. Many are pointing to the current renovation of the church building where Cam's father is pastor. Will it derail Cam's chances at the Heisman? Probably not. If sins of the father were considered in the Heisman run, someone else would be sending back his trophy too.

I question the timing overall. Is this a ploy to throw Cam off his game? All news reports indicate that the investigation began some time ago. Both Auburn and Mississipi State conducted their own investigations last summer. Even the request for church financials were over a month ago. Why now?

Some are saying it is being fueled by ESPN in an attempt to help their own obvious favorite, Oregon, who happens to have their own Heisman candidate, maintain their top standing. Or, the local conspiracy favorite, Alabama fans, the current BCS champions (where the "B," I'm told, stands for "Bama") trying to throw a little mojo on the Tigers before the Iron Bowl.

I have to say that Auburn Head Coach, Gene Chizik said it best:

"I will say this, very loud and very clear: Cameron Newton is eligible at Auburn University. Period. End of story,"

Enough said.

Happy Homecoming Tigers!


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