Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Home Ec Baby

One weekend, not to long ago, we had a new edition to our family...The Home Ec Baby.
As the instruction sheet pointed out, she was also known as Baby Think It Over II.
We had anticipated The Home Ec Baby's arrival for a little over a week and when she came home, I, being the proud grandparent that I am, took this photo. Kit-Kat "named" her Skylar.

Skylar came with a wristband, resembling a Swatch, that the Home Ec teacher attached to Kit-Kat's wrist at school. The electronic wristband identified Kit-Kat to Skylar as her parent. Because it was tamperproof, much like the hospital identity bands, only Kit-Kat could wear it , so only Kit-Kat could care for her.

That concept began to wear on Kit-Kat not long after she got home. Yeah, that is Kit-Kat on the phone while "feeding" Skylar.

As Skylar became more needy during dinner, Kit-Kat came up with a creative way to make sure she could give Skylar her bottle and still eat herself. Yes, that is one of my toning sandals.

Apparently, Kit-Kat had a long night because in the morning, she begged for coffee. Okay, it's a frappuccino, but coffee just the same.

The second day started to go a little smoother, as Kit-Kat dutifully attended to Skylar's needs and recorded them on the sheet. She even dressed her in an old tee-shirt that was her own when she was a toddler.

By Sunday, she was such a pro,

that we decided to venture from the house, and carry the "baby" out in public. So we loaded up the car seat,

and headed over to Nunie's. We took this "four generation" photo for fun.

Surprisingly, during the trip to the store that followed, no one batted an eye as we passed through with Skylar in our buggy.
The next day, as Kit-Kat carried Skylar back to school, I couldn't help but be a little sad. Sklyar was that first taste of being a grandmother I had been talking about. But my desire to be a grandmother like my friends did not over-ride common sense. Kit-Kat is 15. She will be a mommy in due time, but not anytime soon and I hope the weekend cemented the idea that parenting is a big responsibility.
When Kit-Kat come home, she missed her too. But she acknowledged that she was not ready to be a real mommy anytime soon.

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