Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mental Health Day

Okay, first apologies for not writing yesterday. I was really beat when I got home last night. I ate leftovers and went straight to bed. As a matter of fact, I fought sleep the whole day.

So I took a vacation day today because I needed a "mental health" day. I've been feeling so rotten lately and just really needed a rest.

Despite knowing that I had little to do and all day to do it and no where to be at anytime soon, I still woke up at the time my alarm usually goes off every morning...without my alarm.

The family was relatively quiet, until I got up and went in the living room after 6:00 a.m.

I turned on the t.v. and the children rushed out to meet the bus. I logged onto Facebook and posted some words of wisdom. I talked to my mother.

I watched The Today Show. There were some pretty interesting stories. "Jill's Steals and Deals" was really interesting and there were a few things on it that would make great Christmas gifts. I went straight to the computer to look them up (within 15 minutes of the broadcast) only to find all the links to the products disabled. Curses!

I pulled on some pants and went down to city hall to vote. I pulled into a parking spot right by the door, walked in and voted. The whole process took about ten minutes. I decided that I am going to ask off for every election day. No line, no waiting, no annoying campaigners trying to shake your hand as you go in to vote for someone else. It was fabulous!

I came home with a coffee and McGriddle (yeah, I know...I'm gonna pay for that) and found my cats cuddled up on the couch. I took this photo

and got back on Facebook. My cousin set up a family group so that we can plan a family-wide Christmas get together like we had when I was a kid. I am really excited about that. I've always wanted my kids to be part of one of my family traditions.

Cyn came over and we talked about her grandfather's funeral and discussed our booth at the antique/flea mall. I owed her $75 for my half this month's rent. Yeah, I've sold a few things, but not enough to cover my half the rent. So far, I'm loosing money on this deal. I asked if she wanted to go with me to grab lunch but she was on the way to the nursing home. Her grandmother is not taking her grandfather's passing too well. Understandable. They were together 63 years.

I called in an order to the local Mexican restaurant. One Chile Releno and cheese dip with chips.
I have one real weakness on this earth...white cheese dip with chips.

I sat down and started watching "court" t.v. Divorce Court, The People's Court, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Judy. I can't believe that people actually go on those shows. Someone always comes off looking like an idiot and the judge always gets the last word. And just in real life, I am always amazed at what people choose to wear to court. Honestly, not only are you in court, you are also on national television. A tank top and mini skirt are not appropriate! Yes, we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but we always do. Why do you think high powered defense attorneys hire image consultants to make over their clients? To make their client more likeable in the jury's eyes and keep them from looking guilty.

Before I knew it, my kids were home from school.

Where did my day go?! Why is it days at work go by so slowly and days at home go by so quick?

Well, I guess I en-Joy-ed mine.

Hope you en-Joy-ed yours!

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