Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Must Be Writer's Block

Currently, I have so many things that I want to write on that I can't settle on just one topic or how to get started! As a result, I've gone three days without writting a single word.

Here are just a few random thoughts over the past few days

I really need a haircut. You know you are in need of a haircut when you pull your bangs back with a 2 inch binder clip from your desk. Sad part is, until I mentioned it on FB, very few people noticed.

I (heart) the TSA! True, I haven't flown since 9-11 but if I ever do, I want everyone on my plane to be screened. Everyone. There is a whole lot of flap in the news about passengers feeling "violated" by the process and filing suit against TSA screeners. I wonder how violated they would feel should some terrorist make it onto their plane with a tampon bomb? (Of course, then they would file suit against the TSA screeners for NOT catching that.) If it keeps my plane in the air, I will start traveling in a bikini and flip flops to speed the process along. Scan me baby!

Auburn is currently #2 on the BCS poll. Nevermind that they are more undefeated than anyone else in the poll (Currently 11-0 while everyone else is still lagging back at 10-0) Strength of schedule my foot! Well at least we are the SEC West Champions! War Eagle!

Ticket pricing for the SEC Championship are ridiculous. I have convinced darling hubby that he can watch at home, for free, and enjoy nice food, and pause the game to go to the loo. Ditto sentiment on the BCS Championship should we be so lucky.

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