Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It is time for my phone upgrade and I was going through my phone to see what all was on there that I might lose. I have a TON of really random pictures on it.

Thought I'd share them here with you, along with my thoughts on each.

Here is a pic of my pinkie toe a few weeks ago when I thought I'd broken it. I snagged it in a towel on the bathroom floor. The resulting *snap* and this nifty bruise all but confirmed it. I saved myself $200 and taped them together myself.

I was really excited to discover discount grocer Aldi! To illustrate to my family how much cheaper things were, I took this photo of the peanut butter I got at Wallyworld on the left and the Aldi peanut buter on the right. Both jars cost $2.39!

This is an antique mirror that my mother liked in some antique shop over in Birmingham. They reeeeeaaaaaallllllllllly liked it. I'm thinking I could make one that looks just as good for a quarter of the price. Yeah, it won't be a REAL antique, but when it comes down to it, who cares?

My grandfather's grave marker and the flag I made for it on Memorial Day.

And the flag I also made to go at W.R.'s memorial plaque at the Medal of Honor wall on Memorial Day. W.R. Lawley was my grandfather's cousin. He was awarded the Medal of Honor in WWII.

This is the crawfish that I saved one of the girls in the office from. Not sure how it got all the way up by her car. The creek is a good 2 city blocks from where we found it. She thought I was nuts when I went out and picked up it and dropped it in this box. What can I say...raised in the country =) Yeah, that's my foot, for perspective.

Same crawfish, with a six inch ruler. He was a big sucker. I made one of the warehouse guys drop him back in the creek on his way back over the bridge to the other warehouse. I bet Mr. Crawfish thought "#$%^&...took me two days to reach that parking lot and now I'm right back where I started!"

Okay, it appears I have a thing for documenting the critters I encounter and using my hands and feet for perspective in the photos. This is a teeny-weeny little SNAKE that Cyn found on her KITCHEN FLOOR one night when we were coloring our roots. I went to rinse my hair and when I came back they were all looking at it in this plastic container. It was so small, we really couldn't identify it. Poisionous or not, had I seen it first, it still would have been deadly.

I also have a fascination with sleeping animals. I can't help it, sometimes they are just so darn cute.

Here is Darling Hubby and our cat J.B. They nap in this configuration (and similar positions) on a regular basis.

And to think, when we found JB, he didn't want to keep him.
This is one of Cyn's two cats, aptly named Trick (short for "Trick-or-Treat" because they got him the week of Halloween).
Not only is he napping on Cyn's bed, he has his head on the pillow.

Me and my posse, hanging at the theatre, scoping out the peeps.

I took this pic to share with some classmates of the same name: Kavli. I've heard for years of their Norwegian ancestry. I saw these Norwegian snack crackers and had to snap a pic to share. I wonder what they are thinking as they find this pic tagged in their photos!

I pass this house on the way to work every day. One day when I passed by, I saw this.
Do you think she might have been mad?

A girl in my office has a thing for pigs. This was her birthday cake this year.

Yes....this is a plaid car. I couldn't catch up to it to get a better picture. If it were my car, I'd drive fast too.

So I see a lot of weird things, random things, interesting things. Then there are days that I see things that are so beautiful, I just have to thank the Lord for sharing His beauty with me.

And sometimes, He shows me in the most obvious way, that He love me.


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