Sunday, November 21, 2010

So This Is What It's Come To

The only three things I've accomplished this weekend is washing a load of clothes, grocery shopping and learning that my husband does not like bald women.

My life has pretty much been reduced to work, eat, sleep.
As I mentioned a few days ago (or maybe a week ago, who knows anymore) I've felt pretty crappy for a while now and really haven't felt much like doing anything.

Saturday, I did absolutely nothing. And I don't feel guilty, not one little bit. Oh, I did get one load of clothes done, so my co-workers will be relieved that I won't be coming to work naked.

I went grocery shopping so now my children, who are out of school all week, will not starve the two days they are home before leaving for "The Hunt Club" for Thanksgiving. I had no desire to spend my four day holiday packing , driving and not showering properly, so I opted to stay home. I actually have some stuff I'd like to get done at the house. Thankfully, Darling hubby has to work Friday, so I won't be alone. Then of course there's the Auburn/Alabama game Friday evening, that I am not allowed to watch, due to my jinx.

G I Jane was on earlier today. Darling Hubby was on the internet, researching new phones for Kit-Kat. I wonder aloud, "I wonder what I would look like bald." Darling Hubby chimes in "I know what you'd look like." Annoyed, I respond "Really? Enlighten me" "Sure," he chuckles, "you'd look single." This from a man who shaves his head.

So this is what it's come to.
Another lazy Sunday.

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