Thursday, July 10, 2014

Here We Go Again

Well, here we go again,

I have broken all the toes on my right foot once again.

I was eating dinner last night (roasted veggies = yum!) while watching a movie on my laptop through an internet-based movie provide, who shall remain nameless because it sucks really bad.  "Popular Movies" should be popular in THIS country and at least be movies that you've heard of, right?!

I had plugged my dying laptop in to the wall charger and kicked back to watch a movie with Matthew Lilliard (you know, from "Scream" and the live-action "Scooby Doo") that had pretty much the same premise as "Risky Business."

Getting up to go into the kitchen for the last of my veggies, I managed to snag a toe on the charging cord. Everything else was a blur, but when I regained my faculties, I was crumpled in a heap in the floor, in the doorway to the kitchen. My bowl and glass were in the chair (Thank goodness! That could have been so much worse!). My left knee was burning and all my toes were bent under my right foot. I was instantly nauseated and suddenly freezing, despite the thermostat being set at 73.

I managed to pull myself up by the chair.  My left knee, sporting a healthy strawberry mark, had begun to weep little bloody drops. I couldn't put any weight on it my right foot.

I hobbled to the bathroom, where I sat on the stool to doctor my weepy knee.
I once read that the sooner you attend to a cut or a scrape the better it heals. It was so large it took my last two band-aids to cover it.

My foot did not look bruised at that point, so I thought it might be okay. But it hurt like #$%^&*, and as the night wore on, the bruises began to appear.  I remained queasy for the rest of the night  (and am still a little sick now. )

By the time I decided to go to bed,  this is what it looked like.

9:30 p.m.

Around 2:00 a.m., after a torturous trip to the bathroom, followd by tossing and turning and not being able to get comforatable, I decided to go ahead and prepare everything for my morning ritual. I would be moving much slower, obviously, and couldn't put any weight down on my foot, not even my heel.

Last time this happened, I spent $200 at the urgent care, and another $300 at the orthopedist, only for them to "buddy tape" all my toes together (and then I had to do it myself for the remaining six weeks). I decided that this would be my course of action. That is when I discovered that there was no tape in the house.

Thank the Lord for the 24 Hour Establishment that is Wallyworld!

I did not care what I looked like, I threw on some pajama pants, my blue house shoes, grabbed my purse, and headed out.

Wallyworld is a very different place in the middle of the night. The Floor Guys, trying to refinish sections of the store; the Stock Team, dropping pallets all along the aisles; the Coupon Queens with their binders, pushing one buggy while pulling another; and those like me, obviously in the midst of some emergency. 

I tried hard to walk "normal," but by the time I reached the first-aid section, I was dragging my foot like Quasimodo.  When I arrived back home, I laid down on the couch, exhausted, and fell asleep.

This morning, my pre-planning helped my day along, as I nearly overslept I took a minute to asses the damage.

What is left of the "strawberry" this morning. I immediately put polysporin on and covered up with two bandaids.  It looks much better this morning and stopped bleeding.

My foot, obviously swollen now.  I set about taping all my toes together, careful to insert cotton pads in between my toes.

I slid my now swollen foot into the most forgiving house shoe I could find and hobbled off to work.
I seriously thought about calling in, and may still.
In a few days, if it is obvious that things are not improving, I will head to the doctor. For now, this will do.
Here we go again. But it's okay, I've been here before.


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