Thursday, July 17, 2014

Musings After One Week

I am one week out from the accident in which I broke my toes.  I think that I am healing fine. Since I have broken them before (twice now to be exact) I am pretty confident with my "buddy-taping".

But THIS is new

See that lovely, large bruise in the middle of my foot?
Yeah, didn't have a bruise there last time.
I also don't remember it still swelling a week out. I am having to put my foot up every night so the swelling will go down. I am still awfully stuborn about going to the doctor. I mean, the last time it cost me upwards of $500 in co-pays. I've complained about it for the past few nights to W.
He has no sympathy for me because I refused to go have it X-rayed.
W isn't paying for my doctor visist, so he can just kiss my foot, if you will.
Another strange phenomon is that it is July 17th and it is 60 degrees outside this morning. In July.
Global warming my behind! I hate summers like this because it will be 75 at Christmas and snow sometimes next April, just like it did in 1986.
Oh well

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