Thursday, July 31, 2014

Global Warming My Foot!!

Here are the current conditions for Birmingham.....on July 31st.....In Alabama...
Mostly Cloudy°F | °C 
Mostly Cloudy
84° / 68°
83° / 68°
85° / 69°
87° / 68°
86° / 67°
Global Warming my foot!!
The climate change has my sinuses in an uproar. I had to take a decongestant just to breath enough to get to sleep. Of course I was finally sleeping like a baby when it time came to get up this morning.
Thankfully I now select the entire week's wardrobe on Saturday as part of my clothes washing ritual.  I set aside five outfits, pants, blouses, accessories, etc... and the only think I have to decide each morning is what, out of those five outfits, do I want to wear.   Simplifies everything and makes getting ready each morning a snap.
But these weather conditions are throwing the kibosh on that stratedy. I'm having to scramble for jackets and sweaters to go with everything. Not an easy task when  they are all two sizes too big for me now! I spend most days at my desk under my heater.
But I can't say that the milder tempatures aren't a nice change.
I wonder what this winter is going to be like!
Well En-JOY your day!

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