Monday, July 28, 2014


This past weekend was my 29th high school reunion.

It was kinda a coat-tail reunion, as the class of 1984 took pity on us and let us ride the coat-tails of their reunion  It was okay, it would be nice to see some of the other folks what we had shared so much of our high school experience with for a change.

L/G had agreed to attend if something at work didn't call him away. His company had been restructured in the last few weeks. "I'm not even sure who I report to" he had said. I did not find out until Wednesday that he couldn't go. So glad I hadn't paid the cover charge yet, which was a steep $45 a head.

The festivities started Friday night with a pre-party at the local watering hole.  The band featured alumni, but never really identified who they were. How surprised I was that it was  Shy Guy from the class of 84, and his older brother, who is known as "The Tech Guy."

Yes, that name is familiar. He was sorta famous for a few years as the computer guru and minor on-air personality for a popular, nationally syndicated, morning talk show based here in Bham before moving on to greener pastures.  Both are seen here with their band.

The one thing I could not get over was, as shy as Shy Guy had been in high school, he was completely comfortable fronting the band!  And he had a pretty good voice too.  The classmates who made it out to the watering hole, were all also impressed.  My foot was swelling, so I spent most of the night with it propped up in a chair, but still managed to see everyone that came. It was awesome.

But the coolest part of the night came when The Tech Guy told me that he always thought I was a pretty girl, funny and fun to be around and then asked me out. (Date plans pending. )

[UPDATE 07/29/14: I have fielded many concerned emails regarding W's reaction to this date. W and I are, first and foremost, friends, and not pursuing anything mutually exclusive, something we agreed upon right off the bat. Neither of us are looking for a serious relationship. Come to think of it, neither is L/G. None of these folks know about the other, (well W does know about The Tech Guy, quite by accident, and if it bothers him, he hasn't said anything) and none of them read this blog.'s all me.]

The class reunion was held in the banquets space of a local country club. It was upstairs and the outdoor patio overlooked the pool and golf course, including the putting green.  One of my clasmates husband, putted until it got too dark to see.

This group went all out to make the evening special, including posting photos from the 80's on presentation boards all over the room.  Each table was decorated with this simple centerpiece, surrounded by clear and green stones. It was later announced that this decorative display was created by none other than one of our biggest, baddest football players.
The photo boards were quite the conversation starters. We all laughed at the photos we found of ourselves around the room.
This is Dave and Fire Marshall Andy, who are recreating the pose (pictured between their heads in the red tee shirts and camo pants) of their return from basic training. They had gone the summer between their Junior and Senior years and when they graduated, off to the military they went. My nephew is in a similar program today.  
It came time to take a group photo of the whole group together. Fire Marshall Andy, sitting on the floor in front of me, went to slide back and planted his hand squarely on my toes, which is why I am not exactly smiling in this photo.

Here is the class of 85 bunch. In case you don't recognize me, I am on the front row on the far left in the black shorts and black and white top.  This is pretty much the same 12 people I see about once a month, give or take a few.

As far as I could tell, everyone had a great time. Especially this little group, who thought it would be funny to fill my purse with the stones from the table.  Somehow I knew Andy would be the ring leader.

I had a great time, reconnected with some fun people and got a date too boot!

I'd say it was a pretty good weekend~

Now, back to the grind


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