Thursday, February 13, 2014

Coming Down

This is what 143 looks like.

Let me say that again


I have so gotta get some new jeans.

I think I will try an 8....yes, I actually said EIGHT ...this time.


Today I am on the other side of "Snowmagedon: Part Duece"

I faired much better this time. My office let us out with plenty of time to get home ahead of the storm. I was snuggled up, all warm and toasty, with the cats by the time the snow started falling.

Here was my view this morning, before leaving for work.

Today's tempatures will be 48 degrees, so everthing should melt before the day is out.  The big shocker is that the tempatures will soar this weekend to a near-tropical 60 degrees tomorrow and as high as 66 this weekend!

Winter in Alabama. Gotta love it!


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