Friday, February 21, 2014

Now Taking Applications.....

Now taking applications for Thunder Buddy.

Must like to snuggle up on the couch during loud storms, regardless of what might be on tv, or cuddle without trying to grope, cop a feel, or expecting it to lead to something else.  Reassuring demeanor, loyal, attractive, neat, fun personality, must smell nice, be able to hold an intellegent conversation, with good sense of humor (i.e. you don't think you are funny, OTHER people think you are funny). Full head of hair a plus. Protective individual, not afraid of storms themselves is  prefered.  Cocky bastards need not apply.

Oh, and Teeth Brushing IS required.

The recent warm weather, following two weeks of ice and snow, have caused the inevitable Winter Thunderstorms.  Life in Alabama, right?

Last night was the first potentially destructive storm. The house creaked and popped as the wind blew, and I could hear the three, now damaged oak trees out back as they whipped back and forth. The cats each huddled up with me on the couch; JB, my "fraidy cat" practically underneath me, ducking down into the space between me and the cushion,while Zipper stood guard over my head.

I did not sleep very well, so I am dragging today. 

I have always been afraid of storms. The power and the destruction.

I remember as a child, loading up in the car to go see what a tornado had done to a place. I vividly remember going through Pell City, Alabama (because tornados seemed to hit Pell City everytime) and seeing a dentist's chair, a lone obelisk. perched on the destroyed second floor of a building there. I don't know why that was such a side show draw, but it apparently still goes on today.

I don't recall ever having been actually alone during a storm. Even between marriages, I at least had Julz, who would run to my bed to be comforted when storms blew up in the middle of the night.  I always had someone beside me. I could always snuggle up and be reassured that everything would be alright.

Last night, as my heart raced,  I prayed incessantly for the Lord to ease my fears, so that I could sleep. I nodded off just in time to wake up for work.

Reader, you would be proud of me.  I can cross another "first" off my list.

First thunderstorm alone.

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