Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life Without TV

For two months now, I have been living without t.v.

 D/H disconnected the satelite package when he left and I just haven't had the time to have it reestablished.  Given their track record, I'm not certain that I am ready to deal with that headache just yet.

I really don't miss it much and I've realized that I don't truly watch it. It was background noise for the most part. I do kinda miss it on Sundays, when D/H and I would curl up on the couch and watch movies. That was part of our time together, just being close and watching movies.  Now, if I chose to watch a movie, I can pop in something from my ever growing DVD collection.

 I've realized that several movies I bought for myself have convienently disappeared, such as "Mr and Mrs Smith." I loved that movie, but not as much as he loved Angelinia Jolie, I guess.  (Given the manly apperance of the mistress, I know who he's really thinking about when he closes his eyes during their "alone time" to keep things going..LOL) So I've had to replace some of the collection. It made me a little mad, but given how he wastes money, I guess I shouldn't begrudge them a few dvd's.

I'm not up on the lastest news, but it was depressing anyway.  Ignorance really is bliss! I can get what I need from the internet every day.

Speaking of movies and news, I was a little sad to learn that Harold Ramis died yesterday.

He was the brains, and directorial talent behind many of the great comedies I grew up with such as "Animal House," "Stripes," "Caddyshack," and played "Egon Spengler" in the "Ghostbusters" franchise.

I have particularly fond memories of "Stripes," especially  of playing the "force field game" with my freshman crush. The neighborhood I grew up in bordered the local country club golf course. All my great childhood memories took place out on the golf course: from camo-covered bottle-rocket battles with all the neighborhood kids, to skateboarding the cart paths. We were  out in the fifteenth hole water shed. Those who have seen the movie will know that "the force field game" is a game where two people get as close as possible without touching. The catch is the first to break the force field is actually the winner. I remember the thrill I got when he broke the force field to kiss me. At about the same time, we were discovered by the younger neighborhood kids and had to go home.  Bummer.  But whenenver someone talks about the movie, I instantly think of that kiss.

I am able to watch my favorite shows, such as "How I Met Your Mother, " "Two Broke Girls,"  "Mike and Molly," "The Big Bang Theory," and "Criminal Minds," all on line for free.  These had been favorites for D/H also. He would DVR them and we would watch them together every week, right up until he left.

I DO NOT miss having to schedule watching them around wrestling, which comes one somewhere  every night of the week. White trash entertainment at it's best. That was one of the things that D/H complained about: I didn't like wrestling.  When he said that we had nothing in common, THAT was what he actually meant.

Now I am free to pursue more intellegent entertainment, such as reading. I listen to music and curl up with the cats and my Kindle. 

Silence truly is golden


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