Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekly What I Wore: Oversized Edition

So I call today's edition of Weekly What I Wore the "Oversized Edition" because right now everything I own is too big for me.  I've lost 15 pounds this month and have been more than successful at keeping it off.  Unfortunately I dont have the money right now to completely overhaul my wardrobe in one fell swoop, so I'm making do with what I have.
Impending Divorce will do that to you.
I've been eating healthier this month than I have been able to in a very long time. And it hasn't been very expensive to do so. I buy for the week only and then I make sure I eat it within that week. No more coming home to cook something only to find that my ingredients had been eaten by others in the house.
My black pants are cinched at the waist with big safety pin, The black sweater and lace overlay shirt still fits enough to wear and not look as strange as my pants do.  Of course my jewelry still fits..LOL!
I can still wear the same earrings I wore in high school!


Deanna P said...

You ok? Virtual hug and you look amazing!

Alyssa said...

hugs coming your way!