Wednesday, April 2, 2014

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't watched this yet, don't go any further.

Well, it's finally over.

After nine seasons, How I Met Your Mother has come to an end. Nine

After following Ted's meandering story for these last several years, I am a little disappointed. 
I can't believe after all that buildup, The Mother, (who we finally find out, thanks to a lost-then-found-again yellow umbrella, is named Tracy) dies in the end.  We don't know from what, but we know they were together for seven years before they marry, and he is telling the story six years after she is gone.  And he's telling it in 2030.
Lily and Marshall wind up with three children (though they didn't tell us what the last one was) and Marshall runs for state supreme court.
Interesting plot twist. Karma catches up to Barney, the old tail chaser, and one of his conquests winds up pregnant.  Months later we see that Barney unwittingly becomes the proud papa to, of all things, a baby girl. Then we get to see a more mature, settle Barney. At Last! Who hasn't had children and was suddenly changed forever?  But one moment, almost brought me to tears, and not out of the sweetness of the moment. When he meets "Ellie" for the very first time, he says to her " All that I am and all that I have,  is yours forever." and he kisses her little forehead. But I wasn't thinking about that.
That had been part of our vows.  I remember standing in the church, looking into D/H's beautiful chocolate brown eyes, tears still glistening on his cheek from my walk down the aisle, and hearing our preacher say it.  I had been sick that day and was on all kinds of sinus medicine, and cough medicine and overcome by happiness, lost in that moment, and not quite hearing what he had said.  "All that I am, and all that I have, I give to you." Simple enough. I can say it now, but at the time it had sounded like a big ol' tongue twister. It may has well been Sally sells seashells by the sea shore right then. I turned to the preacher and said in my best Southern English "Do what?" The whole congregation had laughed.   And here I was, fifteen years later, reliving that split-second in time.  I couldn't breathe.
Funny how the littlest things bring up the biggest heartache. It was hard enough to just watch these last few months, knowing that it had been something that we had shared and enjoyed together. Recording it and watching it together each week. Trying to deduce from all the clues who the mother might be.  Little things.
But enough about that.
There were some great moments over the years and who hasn't incorporated some catch-phrases and other quirky little thoughts to their everyday lives. The Bro-Code, Pause, son of a beesh, The Slap, and of course,  It's gonna be legen...wait for it...dary!
But predictably enough, Ted winds up on Robin's doorstep, carrying the Blue French Horn, from their very first date.  These past nine seasons were getting to the fact that he was actually telling them the reasons he was thinking about Robin.  And the kids kinda knew it all along.
It was obvious throughout the years that Ted really held a torch for Robin, so I guess it was fate that we end the show almost where it had started.
And all good things must come to an end.
Now what am I going to do with my Mondays?

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