Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Experiments

Well this past weekend was a weekend full of experiments.

It started off with my cardiologist adding a new medicine to my already ridiculous prescription regime. Six pills a day...yea me! So now I have yet another pill to keep up with. I take the new pill once a day, so I am taking it with my breakfast along with the others.

New pill
The past few days I've been quite the space cadet.  There was a sticker on the bottle to avoid operating heavy equipment because it may cause drowsiness, but there was nothing about causing stupidity. I assume that a car qualifies as "heavy equipment" but it was necessary to drive it to get to the park.  It was just a short distance and I made it fine.
My day at the Miracle League park was beautiful!
"Miracle Mary", our director, broke her foot sometime last week and can't drive.  For about an hour, I was afraid I was going to be in charge. Not a good choice for my current space cadet status.  But thankfully, Pappa Smurf was able to bring her out to the park and she hardly slowed down. She tooled around on her knee-scooter and was into everything as usual.
We got a new volunteer, who was really interesting. A really nice (and hot) Irish fella from New York City. Salt and pepper hair, clear blue eyes with just a tinge of green around the edges, forty, slim, athletic build.  His Yankee accent was reminded me of Ray Liotta in Good Fellas. His reason for coming into town was somewhat vague and mysterious. He had played college baseball. He saw the field and told his family, a local family who I have known for many years, that he wanted to be a part of "the Miracle." He hung around and watched the games, just to see how we did things.
 I was able to talk to him on and off throughout the day. He told me how he played Division 2 baseball and bartended to get through college. How he had been here about 2 weeks and had sent out resumes to find a job. His specialty was customer service (no kidding) and marketing. Mary asked him if he could coach for one of our teams, to take over for another coach who had to drop out. He agreed. I handed over the jersey. Talk about jumping in with both feet!
My plans for Saturday night unfortunately fell through, but were quickly replaced by an invitation from Miracle Mary. I went to an early dinner at Logan's with her family, Pitcher Dan (our pitcher) and two players, Tom and Jennifer. We had a marvelous time!  
Sunday, I could feel the storm front moving in and all my joints stiffen. I was too miserable to move and thus skipped church.  I watched  a collection of movies I had borrowed from my brother and Cyn.
Around 4-ish, I decided to cook. Not really having a plan, I just saw what I had available and went from there.  The result was an experiment, but tasty just the same.

I talked to L/G very briefly. Still trying to nail down a weekend for his visit, but May has five to choose from. The OCD has kicked in, and I am finding all sorts of things wrong with the house itself that I am wondering if he will notice.
I nodded of very early, and woke to the music of the battle scenes from Troy playing over and over again as the menu sequence played.
And I start today, like any other Monday: waiting for the weekend.

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