Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nothing Ventured

It's time for the weekend recap. But to tell this story properly, I need to give a little background.

The summer of 1987, my mother carried my brother and me to a resort in Fort Walton Beach. We spent nearly a week there. This was an annual trip for us and we always enjoyed the resort. Laying out on the pool deck, my brother skateboarding all over the complex, touristy attractions within walking distance. And of course, the sugar-white sands of a Gulf of Mexico beach. Paradise just 4 hours from home.

On my second day there, while strolling on the beach, I met the two beach lifeguards on duty. Being a community lifeguard myself, we had some common ground to start a conversation. And that kids, is how I met your father.  Just Kidding. 

But, that is really where this story begins. On a beach, in 1987.  And this guy. Let's call him The Lifeguard, or L/G for short.
Flash Forward: Through the modern marvel that is Facebook, we reconnected some years back.  I told him about my family; he told me about his. Very similar stories: Marriages, divorces, children, step-children. We had both enjoyed photography, a common intrerest so long ago, but L/G had pursued it more seriously. His Facebook was filled with photos he had taken of the things around him and places he had been.  We would chat from time to time. I would post pics of my family, he would post pics of him and his girlfriend on vacation.  Once, when he was between girlfriends, I had tried to fix him up with one of my pageant friends who also lived in his area, but it didn't work out. I had told her that if I were single myself, I'd be on him like white on rice. That was the really the last time I had "talked" to him.
I'm not sure when he disappeared from Facebook, maybe a year or so ago.  But he reappeared a few weeks ago. Around his birthday. I sent him a birthday wish (don't you love Facebook?!)  And when he reappeared again, all signs of the current girlfriend were gone.
Time to step off the sideline.
I send him a PM. I tell him what has been going on. L/G tells me what has been going on. We both agree we are better off.
We chat back and forth over the next several days. He tells me about a big project at work that his is starting.  I tell him about some childish drama unfolding on  my end. He suggests that I get away from it all. He invites me to come stay with him for the weekend.  He's got the room. He'd enjoy the company. I'd have my own bedroom and bathroom. 
One of my favorite movies was filmed in his town. There is historical interest. Why not?
(To be continued...)

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